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Top 8 Best QuickBooks Online Tutorials – Training & Courses

QuickBooks Online offers one of the best small business accounting software that lets you keep track of all your finances efficiently. You can maintain a clear record of all your financials and get a quick snapshot of where you stand at any given time.

The best part about QuickBooks is that you do not need to be a certified public accountant or finance professional. Even so, you can get the best out of your QuickBooks software by exploring various tutorials online that give you great insights.

Some of the best online QuickBooks tutorials include:

1. Intuit QuickBooks tutorials

QuickBooks has its own video library of tutorials that covers all the basics of personalizing the software with your information, maintaining a record of money coming in, tracking expenses, bills, and payroll and more. They are comprehensive, detailed and very helpful, especially for beginners.

You can find their video tutorials here:

2. Fit Small Business

They offer a more in-depth view of all that QuickBooks has to offer. There are 39 tutorials divided into 7 lesson plans developed by Crystalynn Shelton who is a CPA and Intuit ProAdvisor focussing on QuickBooks consulting.

Here is a link to their tutorial videos:

3. QuickBooks Training

QuickBooks training offers both free and paid training options. The free tutorials are geared towards beginners. They each focus on one concept or topic and are only a few minutes long.

You can access the QuickBooks training site here:

4. Simon Sez IT

Founded by Simon Clader, Simon Sez IT offers tutorials to make using business tools easier. They have in-depth video tutorials on using QuickBooks and it’s many features. They have paid and free tutorials.

Their QuickBooks video snippets can be accessed on YouTube here:

5. GCF Learn Free is a repository of free tutorials. Their QuickBooks tutorials only cover the most basic concepts and it is mostly for beginners needing to understand the fundamentals of QuickBooks.

You can access their repository here:

6. Udemy

Udemy is a well-known online learning platform. It hosts a very large database of free tutorials and offers paid classes as well. The QuickBooks learning topics cover some basic concepts and a few task-specific learning topics.

You can access the Udemy learning platform here:

7. QuickBooks Explained

QuickBooks Explained is another video repository of training videos. There are task-based videos and concept videos that focus on different aspects and features of QuickBooks.

You can access their video repository here:


This site mostly focuses on paid training options although there are free webinars available exploring topics on taxes, QuickBooks highlights and becoming a QuickBooks power user.

You can access their webinars here:

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