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Restoring Eyesight to Millions with a $3 Innovation for Cataracts

What if you could help half of all impoverished blind people see once again by figuring out how to make a procedure cost go from $200 to just $3? With at least 51% of the world’s blindness caused by cataracts , this thought leader’s innovation has already changed millions of lives and the power to […]

Why Yoga? | Ever Widening Circles

It’s been marketed as a sort of ancient cure-all for everything from our aches and pains to our mental wellbeing in recent decades, but can yoga really have all of the benefits people are raving about? Is it really worth our time? Regular-dad Craig not-super-flexible-but-recently-started-running Benzine tests it out for us! Have you ever experienced […]

The Howling, Scorpion Hunting, Adorable Grasshopper Mouse

Across the deserts of New Mexico, a fearless predator roams the night. Her prey? The most venomous scorpion on the continent. Standing at just 4 inches tall, this formidable hunter has been locked in a battle with her venom-filled meal for thousands of years! But I’m not sure what’s more surprising: the trick she’s devised to […]

Virtual Reality is Being Used for Pain Management!

Could there be a medicine that reduces pain and anxiety, replaces anesthesia in minor surgeries, shortens hospital stays, is non-addictive, and non-invasive, all while saving us all a ton of money? Sounds a little too good to be true, right? But it exists! And maybe, you’ve even given it a try before. Virtual reality (VR) […]

Do You See the Ancient Superhero In This Photo?!

While the toilet often gets all the credit for its life-saving measures in the bathroom (and rightly so), we want to celebrate the unsung hero that often sits right near it.  Though it’s been around for thousands of years, this often overlooked substance is one of our most powerful tools in fending off deadly forces, […]

Harlem Honeys and Bears: Motivation to Do New Things at Any Age

Have you ever seen a 90-year-old do a flip? If the idea that you’re too old to try the things you’ve always wanted to try has ever crossed your mind, you’re definitely going to want to listen up! We’re heading to the pool to see how the Harlem Honeys and Bears are defying that logic, […]

Can Fly Fishing Help Veterans Heal?

What if there was a place in your life where, for a moment, the stress of the world could melt away? A place where anger and anxiety could give way to calm and connectedness? Well, in rivers around the United States, veterans are finding this kind of calm; all thanks to one man’s idea to […]

The History of Glasses: Medical Device to Fashion Statement

Growing up, my grandmother desperately needed glasses—she couldn’t even see the doorknob. But she would always hide them, choosing to memorize patient charts in nurses’ training instead of wearing her glasses in front of the doctors. These days though, people are desperate for cool eyewear.  So, how did this medical device become fashionable? And could […]