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Over 400 Years of Wisdom All in One Page!

Inside of a 400-year-old mill in the UK, Jim Paterson, Neil Hopkins, and their single apprentice create a paper that looks nothing like the pile you slid into your printer. It’s uniquely textured, measured with a precise, masterful eye, and perfectly imperfect in every way. But their work is about way more than just making […]

Why Yoga? | Ever Widening Circles

It’s been marketed as a sort of ancient cure-all for everything from our aches and pains to our mental wellbeing in recent decades, but can yoga really have all of the benefits people are raving about? Is it really worth our time? Regular-dad Craig not-super-flexible-but-recently-started-running Benzine tests it out for us! Have you ever experienced […]

Into New York’s Sasquatch Calling Festival!

You’ll hear legends of this creature from all corners of the globe. Enticing tales of seeing a giant, humanoid creature in the darkness of forests or hearing a bellowing, unfamiliar call rattle through the branches, has led to local lore that has been passed down and rekindled for generations. We’re heading to two places where […]

Into the Wild World of Mushroom Hunting—the Perfect Social Distancing Activity!

You are now entering the magical land of Mycelium; with king oyster, lions mane, chanterelles, black trumpets, morels, and hen-of-the-woods hidden all around you. Once you learn about their presence, every trip you take to the park or into the woods will leave you searching for treasures in your path! 🍄 If you’re looking for […]

Meet the Mistress of Gourdlandia and her Kingdom of Gourds!

What if you could grow your own bowls, baskets, and lamps right in your backyard? In the vine-covered, magical world we’re traveling to today, that question becomes a reality. With bobbles of potential in all shapes in sizes hanging above our heads, you’re never going to want to leave Gourdlandia! So, get out of your […]

Coffee Around the World! | Ever Widening Circles

We’re about to embark on an adventure, one of grande-size legend—with cherry plants, goats, monks, and even eggs—that’ll make you think a whole lot differently about your morning cup of coffee. So, no more snooze button: go on, roll out of bed, dress in your Sunday best, and I’ll meet you down below for our favorite […]

Harlem Honeys and Bears: Motivation to Do New Things at Any Age

Have you ever seen a 90-year-old do a flip? If the idea that you’re too old to try the things you’ve always wanted to try has ever crossed your mind, you’re definitely going to want to listen up! We’re heading to the pool to see how the Harlem Honeys and Bears are defying that logic, […]