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Savoring the Flavor of the Moment with Lemon Caviar!

Life gets busy, and oftentimes we tend to forgo variety and pleasure in place of something fast and easy. But today, my dear friend, we’re inviting you to reinvent the way you think about food! Let’s rediscover the exhilaration that comes with tasting the unknown and savoring the moment, starting with finger limes! The first bite […]

Why Yoga? | Ever Widening Circles

It’s been marketed as a sort of ancient cure-all for everything from our aches and pains to our mental wellbeing in recent decades, but can yoga really have all of the benefits people are raving about? Is it really worth our time? Regular-dad Craig not-super-flexible-but-recently-started-running Benzine tests it out for us! Have you ever experienced […]

Why Good Business is like Good Bread!

Through the dust of two world wars, one civil war, and many society-shaking revolutions in between, one small bakery has stood its ground in the small Irish village of Cappoquin. But how have they managed this, while so many other businesses have disappeared? Ah—it seems, my dear friends, it’s all in the bread. Change is […]

Into New York’s Sasquatch Calling Festival!

You’ll hear legends of this creature from all corners of the globe. Enticing tales of seeing a giant, humanoid creature in the darkness of forests or hearing a bellowing, unfamiliar call rattle through the branches, has led to local lore that has been passed down and rekindled for generations. We’re heading to two places where […]

Food Culture Quesion: Why do some cuisines use more spices?

Sitting in kitchen cabinets and on counters around the world, shakers of delicious spices are primed and ready, packed with superpowers. Superpowers? Oh yeah—these packets of flavor, from salt to saffron, do more than just make your food taste better: they very well may be the reason you’re here today! Take a look at the […]

Virtual Museums: An Incredible Way to Experience the World

What if you could explore all of the world’s greatest museums without the lines or summer heat, and take all the time you wanted exploring your curiosity? Whether you’re already a museum lover or new to the experience, there’s never been a better time to explore these cultural treasures! How? Well, through the power of […]

Coffee Around the World! | Ever Widening Circles

We’re about to embark on an adventure, one of grande-size legend—with cherry plants, goats, monks, and even eggs—that’ll make you think a whole lot differently about your morning cup of coffee. So, no more snooze button: go on, roll out of bed, dress in your Sunday best, and I’ll meet you down below for our favorite […]

Spreading Love on the New York City Subway with Marco Santini

What words do you use to describe the place you love? How do you feel about that place, right now, thinking about those words? A little happier, more joyful, a little less stressed, maybe? If we talked about what we loved about a place, what we admired about somebody, and what brought us joy about […]