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Journey to a Land Where Medieval Monsters Still Reign

You are about to be transported back in time; to a land of epic battles, dragons, and creatures that spit venom out of their behinds. To a place where life has virtually been untouched for over 1,000 years, and monsters still roam. We’re setting off on an adventure, down to the floor of the ancient […]

The Magic of Embracing What You’re Bad At!

She’s loud, she’s sassy, she’s hilarious, and she’s really quite the lousy actor, but that’s exactly how this 72-year-old became an Instagram sensation! Lili Hayes and her son are good at embracing the humor in being bad at something, and while doing so, inspiring the rest of us to welcome the same into our lives. […]

The Discovery that Reshaped Your Family Tree

Imagine if your commute to work required that you squeeze yourself through a nine-inch crack in the Earth’s crust and avoid injury on something called the dragon’s back, all to make your way into a hot and humid cavern. It’s certainly not the easiest commute, but for an intrepid group of scientists in South Africa, […]

The People Who Could Be the Unsuspecting Heroes in Our Journey!

“…Here in my most desperate moment, two people I had spent a lifetime avoiding: a homeless man and little kid, who I thought had so little to give, gave me so much.” — Jonathan Gravenor It may be a lofty statement to say that a TED Talk has the power to change the world, but […]

Printing With Your Greatest Catch

Fishing is a remarkable celebration of our relationship with nature; it’s a place to tell stories, enjoy the bounty of nature, and then share a meal with those we love. It’s no wonder that the fisherman’s tale of the “big catch” or the “one that got away” is so common across the globe—we love commemorating […]

The Brilliant Mind of a Budding Marine Biologist

Our future is in good hands! There are brilliant young people around the world challenging the status quo for the better, fueled by curiosity and a drive for knowledge. Let us introduce you to one of these remarkable people; here’s the story of Sam. Right now, the next Albert Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci, Martin Luther King, […]